Tim is a New York City based director, visual effects artist and Emmy award winning cinematographer. He has also worked as an editor, camera operator, and stereographer and has a variety of professional experience behind him, including working withclients such as CAT Footwear, Beretta, Sebago, Discovery, TLC, 3NET, and Nickelodeon. He holds a BA in Film Production from Webster University and has also served as an adjunct professor there.

His latest short film, the 392% kickstarter funded "The Last Generation to Die" is currently in the festival circuit. He has also directed 5 other short films that have played in a variety of festivals including San Diego Film Festival, IndieMemphis, Atlanta Shortfest, The 3D Film Festival (alongside Sundance) and has won awards for best dramatic short film, cinematography, and visual effects.

Tim was recently a finalist in the Nokia "Look Around You" VR contest as well as a first prize winner in the Longevity Alliance's Life Extension video contest. His feature "Autonomous" is currently in the second round for the Sundance/Sloan commissioning grant and he is at work developing his first VR film project.